By a Porter
On a sunny day, the porter came to the base of the mountain with his mule. Today two hikers were his customers.

While hiking, he found their conversation a little boring because they were not talking about sports, politics or any kind of gossip. They were joyfully talking about a person called ‘Sri Ramakrishna’ and now and then referring to a thick book that they were carrying.

Curious porter continued to listen to these simple, loving and joyful hikers. As time went by he started enjoying their association and spiritual conversations. 

On the way back, hikers took a break to meditate in the woods. Porter also sat with them imitating but could not still his mind. He miserably failed to calm it down. This was the first time he came face to face with the rebellious inner world. He became anxious and wanted to know more …..

After a while conversation continued….

Hiker-1: “Sri Ramakrishna says pure mind, pure intellect and pure Aatman (soul) are one and the same. What is the meaning of it?”
Hiker-2: “Let me give you an example. Imagine you are driving on a highway that is being patrolled by several cops. Will you speed?”
Hiker-1: “No. I will put on the break and drive within speed limit.”
Hiker-2: “Now assume that you have to drive on the same highway every day to your work. You never speed because of the cops.”
Hiker-1:” Yes, speeding is gone. “
Hiker-2:” Then, are cops required?”
Hiker-1: “No. Their presence or absence have no meaning.”
Hiker-2:” Now speeding and cops, both are gone what remains?”
Hiker-1: “The driver!”
Hiker-2: “Now apply this to your question.  Speeding = Mind, Cops = Intellect, Driver= Aatman (Soul)
Your impure mind was wandering (car speeding). Now you used your intellect (cops) and did not allow it to wander. With regular practice you brought your mind under control. “
Hiker-1: “Got it! Mind is there only when it is wandering. Now it is still. It is pure. Like a still water in pristine lake.”
Hiker-2: “Correct! Now tell me, is intellect required?  Is it still active and running behind the mind?
Hiker-1: “Intellect is no more required. Its purpose is over.
Hiker-2: “What remains?”
Hiker-1: “Pure Aatman – Pure Soul.”
Hiker-2: “Correct! When speeding is gone, cops are gone, only driver remains. Similarly when mind is gone, intellect is gone, only pure Aatman remains. When mind and Intellect are like still water, you see the reflection of the luminous Aatman in pure mind as well as in pure intellect. Pure mind, pure intellect and pure Aatman are the same.”

Porter was amazed to hear this conversation.

They arrived at the base. Hikers were ready to leave.  Porter was sad because he will be missing the holy company. He asked them how he can learn these beautiful teachings and get the same joy as he has seen on two cheerful faces. To his amazement, they gave him that thick book and said “Please read this book daily. This will give you immense joy.”  Porter’s face lit up, as if he found a key to the joy that was locked within. He started turning the pages with the resolve to read this book every-day ……..the book was “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.”


  1. I know we are supposed to give up what is most dear to us for God, but to give away the Gospel? I don't know if I could do that.

  2. Perhaps those hikers already reached the goal of spirituality: it was mentioned in the post that they were coming down the mountain, whose summit can be symbolically seen as Self/God-relaization, with "cheerful faces" as if they were emanating the Bliss of this realization. For such souls, books are unnecessary. It is only for those who are struggling need the books.

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