by BeJoy

I was sitting alone, thinking about you at the Society, when our friend, Shankar, tapped on my shoulder. We exchanged smiles and he took the seat next to me. Soon, as always, a discussion followed.

“You never seen yourself, except in the mirror,” he claimed. A silence followed. He didn’t take his eyes off me. Then he leaned forward, and articulated each syllable, as if I didn’t quite understand the language, “You have never seen ANYONE, except in the mirror.”

That got me thinking again. I have got to know you a few years now. All in the mirror, right? But the other day when you looked deep into my eyes, so lovingly, I thought I had a glimpse! When you smiled at me, so intently, I thought I had a glimpse!

But this is what got me scratching my head, and may be you can help. Was it you I really saw or was it myself?


  1. If the 2 mirrors are looking at each other, in harmony, something transcendental happens. e.g. in creation of a laser beam, two mirrors resonate, and a huge surge of radiation occurs. In the anti-reflective glasses we wear, the coatings on either side in conjunction, make the glare disappear completely.

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