Programs conducted at the Center
  • July 4th program time DELAYED
    The Independence Day program will BEGIN at 6:30pm and conclude by 8:00pm on Tues. July 04.  There will be potluck dinner afterwards.
  • Swami visits Pittsburgh and Alaska,  Fri June 23-July 04
    Swami Yogatmananda will travel to Vedanta Society Pittsburgh, PA to conduct a retreat and deliver talks. From there, Swami will travel directly to Anchorage, Alaska to visit devotees and deliver talks. Swami will return TUES afternoon July 04 for the July 4th program here at the Center.
  • Tuesday evening Summer Classes – July & August 2017
    Swami will conduct Tues evening summer classes- July 11 through Aug 22, from 7:15 – 8:30 on Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’. All are welcome to attend.
  • Hatha Yoga Classes with Roshni Darnal – Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm
    Appropriate for all levels. Click here to see the flyer.
    $10.00 per Class; $40.00 for a two-month session
  • Guru Poornima – Sun. July 09, 11:00AM – 1:00PM
    Followed by Shuchita Rao Devotional Music Program 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Adult Silent Meditation Retreat – Fri. July 14, at 6:00 PM through  Sun. July 16  at  5:00PM
  • Swami Vimokshananda from Singapore Speaks – Fri. July 21 from 7:30 – 8:30PM
    Topic: ‘Living a Spiritual Life’
    All welcome. No fee.  Click here to see the flyer.
  • Residential Young Adult Retreat – Fri. July 28, 6:00PM through Sun. July 30, 1:00PM
    Topic : Exploring Possibilities (Readings, meditation, discussion, yoga)
    Prior registration required. Contact Swami Yogatmananda
  • Music Concert – Sun. Jul. 30, 6:30 – 8:00PM
    Anita Kulkarni will present  Indian Classical Music Concert. Nishikant Sonawalkar will accompany on Tabla.
    All welcome. No fee. Donations accepted.   Click here to see the flyer.
  • Children DAY Camp – Tue. August 08 – Sat. August 12
    Theme: Churning the Ocean
    Prior registration required.
  • Morning Melodies Concert by Pt. Ujjal Banerjee  – Sat. August 26  from 9:30 – 11:00AM
  • Krishna Festival – Sun. August 13, 11:00 AM – 4:00PM
    Worship, readings, dance, discussions and kirtan with Steve Sherman & group
Other summer programs include
  • Vedanta Retreat, Rochester, NY – Wed. August 02, 6:00PM to Sun. August 06, 1:00PM
    Five-day retreat on Shiva Sutra at Hindu Heritage Summer Camp, Rochester, NY. For registration, visit
  • To Honor ‘M’ Gathering – Sat. August 19 , 11:00AM – 2:00PM
    At the home of T.K. Roy, West Wareham MA. Please RSVP at 508-748-9797 or only.
  • Retreat at Canton, CT Vedanta Society – Sun. August 20, 10:00AM – 4:00PM
    Daylong Retreat
     on ‘Aparoksanubhuti’ by Sankara – taught by Swami Yogatmananda at
    100, Cherry Brook Rd, Canton, CT
The daily morning & evening programs REMAIN SUSPENDED from WEDNESDAY, June 21 – Fri.   Sept. 08.