by Pamela Dee
Sarada Devi is not limited to the Vedanta Society, nor available to only the people of Her time. She is the Divine Mother and is all of humanity’s Mother and walks amongst us now. She is as close as our own breath.

I know this to be true in my own personal experience. I currently work as a Case Manager Supervisor in a large Human Services organization.  We are located in a low income area which can often be dangerous.

When I was first shown to my office 8 years ago, there were 2 bullet holes in the window, which was also protected by bars.  This made me feel somewhat afraid! The very next day, I brought in a picture of Sarada Devi and put it on my bulletin board where She still sits today. I see Her smiling face and continue daily to call on Her for help. Not only for me, but for the clients that come in and are in need of Her loving glance. They are sometimes sick, homeless, hungry, and in need of many services. Our job as case managers is to assist with their health and poverty driven needs. The work at times can feel daunting and overwhelming. But then, I am ever mindful of following Mother’s urging. She says. “Think of me, think of me, think of me!”  I invoke Her and remember her soothing, uplifting and heartwarming call, “Always remember that you have a Mother. Do what little you can. After all, how much can you do? I shall do the rest for you.”

Throughout my workday, I know She is with me, guiding and protecting. I can feel Her in my desk, in my books and papers, and all around me, and yes, smiling out from my bulletin board. I always feel in my heart Her immense love for all of us. I know that if we give ourselves to Her, She will always watch over us, protect us and remove all obstacles that arise.

We are all aware, that like this job, some of our life experiences put us out of our comfort zone. When our kith and kin are in need, no problem, we rush to assist them and do our best to help them. But Sarada Devi implores us, “Learn to make the whole world your own!” Are we as easy to give up our comfort and give out help and love to the sick, poor and down trodden? Especially when they are angry or annoying or unappreciative? Can we go past, not just tolerating someone, but accept them willingly as our own? She teaches us by Her unbounded love, to accept all.

In our own lives we can recognize ourselves as instruments of the Mother’s no matter what duties we are called to do in our lives. But, this happens only with our whole-hearted loving surrender into Her. This is the important thing.

We all, at one time or another, are troubled by the worries and anxieties of day to day life. Yet Sarada Devi has a special message of hope and consolation. We only have to remember that we all have a Mother in Sarada Devi whose gaze is always guiding us and protecting us. My dears, the Divine Mother of the Universe came to live amongst us and is with you right now!!! Please, call on Her!!!

Quotations in this blog post are from  the pamphlet “The Motherhood of God” by Swami Brahmeshananda. Chennai: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 2007.