by Srikanth

This post is a summary and some additional thoughts on the distinction between Religion and Science, based on what Swami Yogatmanandaji presented in class on Jnana Yoga on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015.

Personal verification of truth is the ultimate goal of religion. It begins with belief, but it should and will never get stuck there.
Science is belief on what other scientists have proven is acceptable. So it gets stuck in belief.
Religion has already shown to the world what its goal is and how to achieve it. Further, it lays claim that some people have actually achieved this goal.
The ultimate goal is not given in science, nor there is any effort to do so. The cause and effect relationship that governs it is endless, as a cause for a particular effect was earlier an effect of another cause and so on.  Also, the particular effect now would be a cause for another future effect, ad infinitum.
Religion is a life-transformation. The followers of religion are expected to adhere to the disciplines to better their lives – thereby becoming more peaceful and contented.
Science does not demand any change in one’s life. Having a scientific temperament at an intellectual level with no bearing on life is sufficient and in fact it is encouraged.
Religion deals with the subject (knower) itself rather than the object (known). Although it begins with God as an object to be known, it matures into an understanding of God being the subject itself and everything else as non-existent or dependent on God.
Science deals with the object (known). The knower is always scrupulously told to keep separate from the object studied. However, despite his or her best efforts, the knower is bound to have some influence on the known during this interaction.
Great sages and samaritans, who bring peace to the world, are inspired through religion. Religious groups run many charitable organizations.
Science is not known to cultivate great people who are a blessing to the world by bringing peace and happiness to everyone. Although many scientists may be charitable, they rarely take the plunge in helping the world.
Pursuit of religion brings everlasting peace and happiness.
Scientific discoveries and inventions can only bring intellectual happiness and physical comforts in life.
Religion creates a lot of bloodshed in this world, mainly due to differences in how one views  God and performs religious practices. Usually, the actual motive of religious conflict is for power to control a large population with zero regard for God, but religion is used as the prop to further the agenda of these power mongers.
Have you ever heard of scientists killing each other just because they have different views of their field or do experiments differently to reach the same goal? Sadly, many so-called “sane” and “intelligent” people, even if they are scientists, fall into that trap when it comes to religion.
The charlatans in religion create scandals that bring shame not only to themselves, but also to the religion. Unfortunately, their sincere followers may get disgusted with religion itself.
The charlatans in science bring disrepute only to themselves. Somehow science itself never gets blamed for their malpractices, unlike in religion. Also the followers of such charlatans are not very emotionally traumatized when the charlatans are exposed, as seen in the case of religion.