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  • The new session after summer break begins from Sept. 9, 2017, with a day-long spiritual retreat by Pravrajika Satchitprana, a nun of Sri Sarada Math of India.
    Click here for schedule & registration.
  • Regular Schedule Resumes –
    Daily Morning ( 5:45 – 7:20AM) and Evening Meditation ( 7 – 8PM) – From Sat. Sept 09
    Study Classes (7:30 – 8:30PM) – Tuesdays (from Sept 12, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)  and Fridays (from Sept 15, Jnana Yoga)
  • The newsletters will be regularly posted on every Wednesday, starting Sept 13.

Upcoming Events

Swami  visits  Vivekananda Retreat at Ridgeley NY – Sept. 02 – 03
Swami Yogatmananda will travel to Vivekananda Retreat at Ridgeley NY to conduct a  retreat on: Day-Dreaming and Meditation: Karl Jung’s approach. He will return late Sun evening, Sept 03.

Spiritual Retreat with Pravrajika Satchitprana – Sept. 09, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Topic: Devotional Practices for this Age

Registration Fee: $20.00 per person
Click here for schedule & registration.

TWO PROGRAMS on Sun. Sept 10:

Workshop on ‘EIGHT LIMBS OF SUFI YOGA’  – Sept 10, morning (9 am to noon)
This will be conducted at the Vedanta Chapel by Netanel Miles-Ye’pez – a well-known Hassidic-Sufi Teacher. 
To pre-register, contact the Inayati Order at NAB518@cox.net or 401-781-9069. Minimum Registration Donation $10.

Annual Universal Brotherhood Day – Sept. 10,  5:00pm – 7:30pm
Speakers: Mufti Ikram Ul Haq (Imam, Majid Al Islam, RI), Netanel Miles Ye’Pez (Hassidic-Sufi Teacher, NY), Trudi Jinpu Hirsch (Soto Zen Teacher, NY), Swami Tyagananda (Ramakrishna Society, Boston MA)
Also – Multi-faith Music, Readings, Dinner. All Are Welcome.
Click here to see flyer.

Hath Yoga Classes with Roshni Darnal– Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm
Appropriate for all levels.
$10.00 per Class; $40.00 for a two-month session
Click here to see the flyer.

Past Events

Rochester NY, 4-day retreat –Wed. Aug 02 thru Sun Aug 06
Swami Yogatmananda and Swami Kripamayananda ( Vedanta Soc. Toronto Canada) conducted this residential  retreat  at the Hindu Heritage Summer Campground. The topic was: Shiva Sutra. The program consisted of six lectures daily along with meditation, music, morning yoga program, evening Aarati, and meals.

Children’s Day Camp – Tues Aug 08 –Sat. Aug 12
About eleven children participated. The theme was ‘Churning the Ocean’. Dorothy A, Chris & Emily S, and Chet B, Sravani B were camp teachers. 

Krishna Festival – Sun. August 13, 11:00 AM – 4:00PM
The program consisted of  a short ritual worship by Swami Yogatmananda, selected readings and devotional music. This was followed by prasad luncheon.  This was followed by a ‘Kirtana’-song performance by Steve Sherman and Group from 2 –4PM.  About sixty-five devotees attended.

Gathering to Honor  ‘M’ – Sat Aug 19
The annual Gathering to Honor  ‘M’, the recorder of the ‘Gospel of  Sri Ramakrishna’, was conducted at the home of T K and Nivedita Roy in W. Wareham MA from 11AM – 2PM. This included readings and reflections, devotional singing, and luncheon prepared by the hosts. About twenty-five devotees participated.

Music Concert – Sat. Aug. 26   9:30am – 11:30am 
Twenty-seven  music enthusiasts listened to ‘Morning Melodies-Raagas’ performed by PT. Ujjal Banerji, accompanied on Tabla by Harshal Tole and on Harmonium by Ravi Torvi.

Satsang at Munroe NJ – Sun Aug 27
Swami Yogatmananda conducted a retreat at a devotee’s home in Munroe NJ, with lectures on a chapter from ‘How to Live with God’. Music and refreshments and luncheon were provided. About twenty-five adult and children devotees attended.

Click here to see photos of above events.

Synopses of Past Classes

(All classes given by Swami Yogatmananda, unless otherwise stated)

Study Class on – Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ –  Aug 08, 15, 22
The Prophet was asked about the Marriage and he emphasized that the two married should be like two pillars supporting roof; separate but connected. There should be union at the top, but respect for each other’s separateness. Then he told about children – they are like arrows shot from the bow. They proceed from the bow, but do not belong to the bow. Also, they are not shot by the bow, but by the archer who pulls the bow. Then there was sermon on ‘giving’. The Prophet told that ‘If you from your possessions, you give little, but you really give when you give of YOURSELF’. He also spoke about ’Eating’. It must be done with prayers and gratitude. Then he gave the farewell message, stressing that he comes to humanity whenever needed. He is united with everyone – he is a lake in which all others are reflected images.