by Vithoura Ngo-Phat

Out of the blue
You came back into my life
Lost contact with you since I moved away
Lost contact because, you were retired
And no longer took care of devotees
But your rang my phone unexpectedly
You said with your loving and soft voice
Come back to Massachusetts
But Swamiji, my life and work were here in Maryland

A few months after
Getting a notification
Of a pink slip
Realizing that I would lose my job
I remembered that phone call
Around Christmastime
Looking at the ice storm
Outside of my window
Freezing rain
Glazed ice
Covering green pine trees

Red heart beating fast
I hopped in my green car
With my children and husband
Driving straight to Boston
Through the night
Arriving at dawn
At Amba’s house
Sleeping in her driveway
Waiting to enter her house
In early morning

Looking for a job
Stopping at a job fair
I got the interview
Stopping at a huge job fair
In a big Marriott hotel in Burlington
Hoping to get hired
Walking from booth to booth
Trying to get an interview
Finally, I stopped at one booth
Someone finally noticed me
Noticing that I came from far away
With my family for a job fair
A tall man with an English accent gave me a chance
For an immediate interview
 I went upstairs for the chat
Coming back down the hallway with
My future director
My son ran into me
Escaping his dad
He came to me
And said Mommy, Mommy
With his red, smiling face, and sweaty head
Grabbing my legs
He was happy to see me
My son hung on to me
I bent down and took him in my arms
I introduced my son to my future boss

It was my year
I got the job almost right away
Thank you Swamiji
For giving me some hints
Whenever I feel lost!