Young Adult Residential Retreat

Vedanta Society of Providence 227 Angell St, Providence, RI

Young Adult Residential Retreat 2021 (Age Group 16-30) Fri, Jul 30, 6:00 pm to Sun, Aug 01 1:00 pm Topic: Who Am I Prayers, Meditation, Readings, Discussion… Please complete the registration form with following details and email to: [email protected] Download the registration form (PDF)  

Annual Retreat in Rochester NY

India Community Centre of Rochester ICC, 2171 Monroe-Wayne County Line Rd, Macedon, NY

Vedanta Society of Rochester presents Annual Vedanta Retreat 2021 “SANATKUMAR-NARADA DIALOGUE” (CHHANDOGYA UPANISHAD – 7th Ch.) All lectures will be in English by Swami Yogatmananda (Vedanta Society of Providence, RI, USA) Swami Kripamayananda (Vedanta Society of Toronto, Canada) Date: 6 PM August 5, 2021 to 1 PM Sunday, August 8, 2021 (Thurs –…