By Naomi Walden

Swami Vivekananda explains man’s existence consists of sense fulfillment, intellectual development and the seeking of a power beyond these two – something greater and beyond their limitations.  The human mind struggles to realize, or experience this force called ecstasy, or inspiration.

Highly organized religions use a Unit Abstraction, called God, as a Moral Law, or Existence, as an ideal.  Once man has realized attainment is not possible through the senses, there is a giving up of sense fulfillment, or a renunciation that becomes the means to the end.

The pursuit of the infinite, the struggle to go beyond the limitation of the senses, religion as a study, is the greatest motive power for realizing that infinite energy; in making everything that is good and great, and bringing peace to all.  A genuine fellow-feeling, involves concessions with sacrifice, advances truth, benefiting all to reach the Absolute.