By Patrick Horn (“Rishi”)

Swami Vivekananda says, “this life in the five senses, life in the material world, is not all; it is only a small portion, and merely superficial…. The ideal of renunciation nowhere attains such a height as in the teachings of the Vedanta. But, at the same time, dry suicidal advice is not intended; it really means deification of the world—giving up the world as we think of it, as we know it, as it appears to us,and to know what it really is. Deify it; it is God alone.” He quotes the Isha (Lord, Master, Chief) Upanishad. “Whatever exists in this universe is to be covered with the Lord.” The veil of maya is the manifestation of the Absolute, not something separate. It is sat-chit-ananda (existence-consciousness-bliss). Tat tvam asi (thou art that)!

Witness the Universe, and all that lives and moves on Earth, with the Vision of God. Ignore the temporal. Find joy in the Eternal. Purify your desires, and working without attachment, you may live a long life of freedom. Whomever denies Brahman will fall into a hell of despair and death. Without moving, Brahman is swifter than the mind and faster than you can run. The senses cannot perceive Brahman. Brahman moves yet Brahman moves not. Brahman is far and near. Brahman is within all, and beyond all. There is no fear in those who see Brahman as their own being and in all beings. What delusion and sorrow can harm the soul who perceives unity in diversity? Brahman fills all with radiance, beyond form and changes. Brahman is the witness and the thinker behind all thoughts. Brahman is omnipresent and transcendent. All things reveal Brahman and point to the Eternal.

Action alone is inadequate. Intellect alone is inadequate. The soul that works and thinks overcomes death and reaches immortality. Following the immanent alone is inadequate. Following the transcendent alone is inadequate. The soul that knows both the immanent and transcendent overcomes death and reaches immortality. May the hidden Truth be unveiled to lovers of Brahman! May the light of the sun inspire a vision of the Light of Brahman! May we perceive the distant Brahman as our intimate Source! The body will go to dust, yet Brahman is immortal. May our devotion, work, and thoughts lead to joy and peace!

Swamiji suggests that the religion of the future, which is for all times and people, is a combination of science, philosophy, and poetry. He says, “What is now wanted is a combination of the greatest heart with the highest intellectuality, of infinite love with infinite knowledge. The Vedantist gives no other attributes to God except these three—that He is Infinite Existence, Infinite Knowledge, and Infinite Bliss, and regards these three as One.” What is needed is head and heart combined for an infinite amount of culture and reason and an infinite amount of feeling. Arise! Awake! Stop not until the goal is reached!