by The Father’s Child

I whine a LOT ! Just as I was whining about how life has panned out to my Father, he asked, “Didn’t you complain about all this two years ago?” Quite right, but you haven’t helped much to alleviate my situation … except how could I say this outright? He is my Father, and I could tell him without a second thought, but what stopped me was the guilty conscience that I wasn’t reporting my problem to him with the idea of self-improvement, but rather to have him wave his magic wand and change the world around me – just so I may tread this dream in all joy rather than tears. My Father doesn’t like cowardice and I well know that.

“How much energy have you wasted by dwelling and whining about the problem? Conserve your energy and use it to only find THE solution.” I was tired and ready to give up. The only one thought that doesn’t let me give up yet is the fear of the unknown. If I’m reaping the flowers of the seeds I sowed, what will be the flowers that will be borne by the seeds of “giving-up”? Just as I was wandering aimlessly, Swami Turiyananda stated loud and clear, “…But if one cannot do that [renounce the world], the next best course is to turn everything over to Divine Mother and abide by Her decree. Know Her to be the only guide in life under all conditions … Be always content with what Mother ordains. She knows what is best for us.”

Father bless me that I may turn to Mother and leave the rest of the solution-search to her !