By Prasoona

A journey that began at the onset of dawn,
Like a puppy enjoying a jolly-ride.
Through the fresh morning mist,
The heart afloat in serenity,
Buoyant with faith
Of a promised day, nay moment.
A moment that’s fresh, as fresh as a dew drop on a crisp green leaf.
A moment not tarnished by the dead past or the mythical future.
The heart was cleansed, setting the stage
For the soul to reverberate with Mother Nature, in that moment, and experience  its innate freedom.

The drive bore on…the moment, where, what?

The day light broke, business around.
The soul was getting shrouded…
Unconsciously, yet surely, a tad too quick for the senses to capture.
Now, “I” wasn’t living in the moment;
The mind was busy evaluating the  remainder of ( today plus the many tomorrow-s minus the multitudes of yesterday divided by me vs. the world).

Before I knew, the Sun had made its rounds, or well, did the Earth do so?
No time had been spent to stop and think,
No time had been saved to savor the most important thought,
No time had been spared to realize the moment, a moment of Truth.

All too soon the day would end.

As darkness descended, the soul once pristine, even if only for a moment, had been shrouded in the dirt and grime of selfish means and motives.
From the depths of darkness, the soul calls out,
A feeble wimper, yet cannot be dismissed,
“Live the moment, as a gift, merged with Mother”…
And the helpless heart yearns, for yet another dawn!