Due to continued corona-virus menace, The Governor of RI has issued ‘STAY AT HOME’ Order. As of now, the Order is effective till May 08, 2020.

But while remaining in the safety of your home, PLEASE STAY CONNECTED.

The lectures/classes on Sundays/Tuesdays/Fridays will be available on the Vedanta Society of Providence YouTube channel on  internet, as before. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFof5116HcBYIpUFvKet1Uw)
The Vedanta Society REMAINS CLOSED for v
isitors till further notice.

Let’s remember, in these testing times:

   ·      It is good to trust God, which does not mean throwing common sense and wisdom to winds.

   ·  It is great to be courageous, which does not mean being foolhardy.

   ·  It is important to remember that soul never becomes sick, never ages, never dies, which does not mean body is free from these.

   ·  We are ONE in the Spirit, which does not mean not having social distancing

   ·     Everyone is sure to die, so let us hold on to life and use it to realize THAT which is beyond death.

All the best.
Swami Yogatmananda, Minister